Program Highlights for JPM International Visiting Fellows

At the NY Buddhist Church

With Rev. TK Nakagaki at NY Buddhist Church


Visiting delegations from Barcelona and Glasgow

  • Attended the 21st Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer Retreat for Social Justice- “Immigration: From Estrangement to Engagement” from June 16-17th.  Here, they interacted with over 70 diverse grassroots religious leaders from NYC concerned about immigration reform in an interfaith context.
  • Met with the Queens Borough President’s Immigration Task Force, visited a Hindu temple and Sikh Gurdwara in NYC’s most diverse borough.
  • Visited Harlem Community Justice Center and learned about problem solving courts, religious leaders as mediation, juvenile justice and parole re-entry programs.
  • Toured Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and encountered where over 12 million immigrants entered the United States from 1892 to 1954 .
  • Experienced additional houses of worship including an Upper West Side synagogue , West African and African American mosques and an Episcopal church in Harlem.
  • Attended a roundtable discussion with Judges from the New York State Unified Court System and learned how religious community leaders and court officials address the needs of New York’s diverse communities.
  • Experienced the Tribute World Trade Center Walking Tour which includes the personal accounts of survivors, lower Manhattan residents,  recovery workers, volunteers who assisted in recovery and family members
  • Participated in open discussions with city officials, including the NYC Commissioner for Human Rights and members of the NYC police department about their experiences with religious communities and public policy. 
  • Explored the various museums displaying the religious, cultural and historical experiences that have occurred throughout the American landscape , such as the Jewish Heritage Museum and the National Museum of the American Indian.
  • Participated in a public symposium in which they shared their reflections



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