Trinity School Students Live and Learn Interfaith Dialogue

Trinity School, one of the city’s oldest continuously running K-12 institutions, is dedicated to promoting interfaith dialogue among its students. Chaplain Timothy Morehouse is in charge of all chapel programs for the Trinity School on the upper west side, where students meet weekly to learn and discuss religion, faith, spirituality and ethics. Chaplain Morehouse recently coordinated with the staff of the Interfaith Center of New York to organize an interfaith program around the theme of bravery.

At the start of the school year, Trinity’s middle school students chose bravery as a unifying theme for their chapel programs. Throughout the year they have heard from various sources on the topic; New Yorkers, their teachers, as well as their peers. Chaplain Morehouse worked with our staff to put together an interfaith panel comprised of faith leaders associated with ICNY. Representatives from Judaism, Sikhism, Christianity, and Islam spoke to the topic of bravery and explained how it related to their faith contexts. Chaplain Morehouse commented that “ ICNY finding speakers is just fantastic, and so helpful. It’s worth its weight in gold.”

Trinity School has been and will continue to be an institution that promotes interfaith action in myriad ways. As Chaplain Morehouse explains of chapels with interfaith content, services must “have a structural and thematic coherence” in order to “present a thoughtful approach to living human life in the city and the world.”


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